Pictorial Lesson: Man proposes, God disposes

Life is a constant struggle, one which no one ever gets enough from health, wealth or the myriad of expectations we all share.

This story is about a prophet who sought to explain the walk of life to his subject.

The man of God took out three sticks and placed them on a line, one next to the other, and a third one far away from the previous two.

‘Do you understand what I’ve done?’ he asked the startled observer who quickly responded, ‘Allah and His messenger are all-knowing.’

Then came the prophet’s explanation: ‘This first stick represents you as a mortal, the second one is death, which is an inevitable end for mankind, and do you know what the last one stands for?’

‘No,’ the man answered.

‘It stands for the unrealistic expectations we nurture till death comes our way,’ the messenger revealed.

Man's big plans

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