Party like you’re in Nigeria this Weekend

Nigeria isn’t among the world’s richest countries, and will probably not make a top 10, but there’s hope because the country arguably has more millionaires and billionaires than any other. Nigerians are hardworking people.

Notwithstanding the economic downturn, citizens still find time to live life to the fullest. Yeah, yeah! “Work hard, die easy,” they say.

Nigerians – some of them, especially the youths – have faith in our beloved country’s leadership. We do pray but never let worries snuff out the fun in our lives. So if you are looking for the best night out advice, here it comes.

There are many young and wealthy Nigerians whose income seem to be coming from a river that never runs dry.

They spend thier nights moving from one club to the other, drinking exotic wines, driving luxury cars, and rocking parties with the sexiest girls in town.

These youths who seem to have magical powers over their finances, literally live under the colorful lights.

They get drunk and most times love to be naughty on the dance floor.

In fact, while most people visit the clubs once in a while to relax or dance away their sorrows, a lot more people go there to disgrace poverty.

Where else in the world do they do that?

These pictures from Club Joker in Benin City area of Edo State say more than words.

Now don’t you want to party?