OPINION: The Only Thing Women Love Unconditionally

I have been to more than 100 relationships and have had several sex mates companion and i must say that the “love” people assume from their spouse is ironic. It doesn’t exist.

When i was a teenager, i had a married woman that would come to my house after dropping her children off to school. The husband worked as a civil servant and throughout the morning until afternoon, we would spend quality times in my room. She was in her mid 40s. So beautiful and endowed with a low cut on her hair. And then she would say awful things about her husband. Terrible stuffs.

My friend had a fu*kmate that was about getting married in about a week. We were still in school when this one happened. The girl would call my friend and beg him to meet her and even promised him special dinner. They would sex and pour out her true feelings. She just had to marry the man but that doesn’t mean they won’t continue their sex affairs.

Recent surveys in Lagos had shown that 85% of women are guilty of paternity fraud. This is a novelty, so let me break it down. It means, they would get pregnant by paul and give the baby to Silas as the father depending on how it favours them. This is the true nature of woman from time immemorial and it not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

Your marriage comes as a condition and it not an undying longing to be with you forever, whatever forever means to you. Conditions as timing(her age), money, dependence tendencies, escape etc. It always about something and when that thing is taken away, your value is of no essence. So it very easy for married woman to cheat. Just like me, life becomes boring most times and you need to spicy it up with a bit of excitement, that excitement can’t be gotten from the man she sees everyday. And when she gets caught, she blames it on the devil or brings up silly excuses for doing it. The truth is, you can’t stop a woman from being a woman, a lying two face creature. You can’t make a woman love you without a condition attached to it.

For relationship, mostly those in early 20s or teenage relationship, it mostly looks, the dressing of the guy, the class factor, his hairdo, his budgets is a less condition here. So to win a young girl, learn to dress proper and smell good. Have class and watch them flow. Their condition for love at this period is very cheap.

So when you marry that woman, remember that the love comes at a price. It’s not free. There is something she is after and that what she actually loves.

And that relationship of yours, it a condition, and not love. The only person that a woman can love “unconditional” is her child. And even she gets bored of the man, she can decide to stay with the man because she wants the child to have a reasonable family background.

Lastly, your wife can kill you. If her condition can be easily meant with your exterminator, she would gladly eliminate you. But this is not always easy that’s why it not common but it happens. No matter what, don’t trust that woman, don’t trust that wife, don’t trust the mother of your children. Life has no duplicate.

I come in peace