Opinion: Can the Judiciary Deliver Justice and Restore Nigeria’s Glorious Past?

corruption in Nigeria

Having gone through the content of the legal fireworks launched against the President-elect, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and the Electoral Umpire (INEC), it is doubtlessly clear that Tinubu and INEC will not escape the judicial sledge hammer of the judges/justices.

The allegations levelled against Tinubu are too severe and weighty for him to escape unhurt.

The avalanche of allegations launched against Tinubu and INEC by Peter Obi and concerned Nigerians have the potential to cause unimaginable judicial injuries on the respondents especially Tinubu.

Looking at the legal documents (Electoral Act of 2022 and the 1999 Constitution of FRN as amended clearly shows that (Tinubu and INEC) indeed violated critical sections or provisions of our laws and they will pay heavily for it .

This is what the judiciary cannot manipulate or manage.

It is beyond their judicial control and scope.

It is the law that is anterior(superior) to their emotional proclivity!

If they decide to compromise the process, it then means our constitution and democracy is gone!

It means an autocratic government will be sworn-in.

It means we have finally ended our nascent democracy.

It means we are under military rule.

It means, there is no law in Nigeria anymore.

It means armed-robbers are free to break into ones apartment without police prosecution.

It means examination mal-practice will be encouraged in our various educational institutions.

It means Nigerians are now free to trade on drugs especially Cocaine without any arrest from NDLEA officials.

It means all Nigerians can now become pathologically liars under Oath.

It means the police and military can now carry out extra-
Judicial killings of innocent Nigerians and nobody will dare them.

It invariably means that our future elections will be marred with massive rigging and violence with citizens using brutal force to compel obedience in order to get into the seat of power.

It means Agberos and Thugs will decide the fate of elections in Nigeria going forward.

That is how bad it will be if the judiciary goes the direction of the highest financial bidder without discharging requisite justice via the constitution.

I pray we don’t get to this level!

An attack on our Constitution is an attack on our democracy.

The Judiciary must be as bold as a lion to save this Country,no matter whose ox is gored.

I have an atom of believability and optimism that the Judiciary will deliver justice that will make Nigeria restores her glorious past in the Comity of Countries.

The ball is in the court of the Judiciary right now.

Just a declaration from the judiciary can make or mar this Country.

Be wise Judiciary!

Good morning.

Martyns Wenike.
The 360 Degree Vocal Voice Of Hope