NO-PETS: Dog freezes to death at an airport after suffering abandonment from owners

The world’s most wicked couple have made headlines after they abandoned their dog at an airport because the airliner insisted that no pets are allowed on board.

Tori was found dead after being left outside Russia's Koltsovo airport in freezing temperatures

Oksana and Alexander Urusov left their dog named Tori at Koltsovo Airport, in Russia.

The unfortunate animal died at a -30ºC, a freezing temperature at which even humans will never survive a day without warmth.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Mr Urusov and his wife failed to complete the required paperwork in time, so they were denied a chance to take Tori with them on the flight.

He quietly walked outside the terminal and dropped their beloved pet without emotions.

Three days later, Tori was found dead due to the terribly cold winter weather while the couple enjoyed their vacation in far away Germany.

The pet was found shivering in a part of the airport where people rarely go to 

The lonely and depressed dog was dropped at a side of the airport where humans rarely go. That was where workers found her dead.

According to the report Mr and Mrs Urusov arrived Hamburg, Germany, where their kids live with their grandma, and reported the dog missing after three days.

Alexander’s wife later admitted lying about Tori because her kids worried so much about the dog.

“We are looking for our little dog, she is white with a flick of ginger,” the woman wrote in an appeal.

“Our children can’t stop crying, please can you help? We’re ready to pay a fine.

“We had to leave her at the airport…they didn’t take her on board at check-in when we were flying to Hamburg to see our children.”

Dmitry Tyukhtin, spokesman for Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg, said he couldn’t believe human beings could treat a poor dog like that. He argued that the pet owners could have found an alternative instead of throwing the dog away like garbage.

Tyukhtin said the airport authority would have help in some other ways.

Alexander Urusov and his wife wanted to take Tori with them but at check-in for their flight to Hamburg were told they had failed to complete the necessary paperwork in time

Image shows Mr Urusov, their daughter and the late Tori.

In his words: “If only we knew about the problem, at least the dog would be alive.

“The weather was so cold on those days,” Tyukhtin said.

“Tori was left in an area where there are usually no people. If she was to be left closer to or inside the terminal, the dog would have been rescued.”

The couple has so far received heavy criticisms on social media. None of the commenters think Tori deserved such a wicked treatment from people who meant everything to her.

Viktoria Milovanova said: “They are such idiots to have left the animal when it is freezing.

“I wish they could stayed outside themselves. Animals are not toys, they are living creatures, they feel pain, cold and fear just as people do.”

Olesya Khoroshilova wrote: “Such people are sick and dangerous not only for animals but the whole society.”

Tatiana Maslennikova said: “I wish somebody would take this woman – the dog owner – to an abandoned place and leave her in the freezing weather alone without a mobile, food and water. Let her feel what her dog felt.”

Another woman wrote: “They deserve to spend their life in jail. Someone should take the kids away from them. They are terrible parents.”

2 thoughts on “NO-PETS: Dog freezes to death at an airport after suffering abandonment from owners

  1. I agree with the last two quotes. What kind of human being does this? These people are heartless monsters! I am a dog owner, and my dog means the world to me. I love him just as much as a mother loves her children, my dog is like my child. So if a human can do this to their own dog, I could only imagine they wouldn’t treat their children much different. They should have their children taken away from them and be banned from owning any other kind of pet for the rest of their lives. That is the most evil act of animal cruelty I’ve heard of in a long time, more evil than that gorilla being shot at the zoo after some kid snuck into its enclosure (more bad parenting there too)