Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey reveals why he sponsors the Elephant Campaign

Do you know that Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey is supporting the ‘Poach Eggs Not Elephants’ campaign?

He got to know about animal conservation while watching nature documentaries as a kid.

The Welsh footballer grew up with love for wildlife and wanted to help in some ways, so he’s actively involved with sensitizing people on social media.

He hosts fundraising golf days and has rendered selfless help to many charity organizations.

The midfielder decided to make a difference with animals, especially elephants, after his first ever interaction with the endangered species, according to the club’s website.

Ramsey works in partnership with Paul Blackthorner, a Hollywood actor and Arsenal fan. The kindhearted Gunners run a charity organization which aims at raising money to buy drones [Air Shepherds] that can track elephants and fight off poachers.

Reports confirm that about 95 elephants are killed everyday by poachers around the world, and the charity fears these animals will go extinct if nothing is done to protect them.

“I saw these animals in the wild holiday I had a few years ago now,” Ramsey told the club’s website.

“It was amazing to see them. I went to Kenya to the Masai Mara [Game Reserve] to see these animals in the wild and it was just amazing.

“To see so many different animals all getting along was just an amazing experience. Hopefully I can do it again one day. It’s definitely strengthened my beliefs and me wanting to help out as much as I can.

“I’ve always been fascinated by animals and I was brought up watching documentaries and David Attenborough.

“I just had a feeling where I wanted to try and help these animals as well, and I try to do my bit – especially with the endangered animals out there. It’s only one person but I’m trying to do my bit to keep these animals here as long as possible.

“I’ve been working on preventing poaching, which has been the biggest challenge so far. It’s wiping out a lot of rhinos and elephants. A lot of rhinos are really endangered at the moment, so that’s been the biggest thing, trying to stop that.

“It’s very difficult but there have been some improvements in the last year which I’m proud of and the WWF are proud of too.

“Hopefully we continue doing that. I’m working with the rangers over there as well to try to stop these animals going extinct.”