Nigerian woman facing deportation for offering bribe to acquire UK passport

Nigerian woman named Maria Adesanya may soon be deported from the United Kingdom.

The 31-year-old woman is accused of bribing a nurse to pose as the father of her child in order to obtain a British passport for the baby.

Adesanya paid the nurse named Adekunle Adeparusi, a 44-year-old British citizen, £3,000 to put his name in the child’s birth certificate as the father.

Following the deal, Adeparusi was able to pocket a further £13,000 in child tax credits even though he had no role in the girl’s life.

The pair hatched the plan in January 2014, three months after pregnant Adesanya entered the UK on an eight-month VISA.

They were caught in February 2015 after the mother applied for a Derivative Authority Card.

During this time, Adesanya found work in the UK using the ID cards of two EU nationals, a Portuguese and a Dutch citizen.

She was sentenced to 14 months in jail but immediately released on licence as she had been under curfew since October.

Adeparusi, on the other hand was jailed for 33 months after admitting making a false statement with intent, according to Manchester Evening News.

Sentencing the man and woman, Judge John Edwards said, “Organised immigration crime such as that which you engaged in can have and does have a significant impact on public funds and confidence, and the abuse of documents and the lawful exercise of the right to enter this country goes to the heart of the system which all of us rely on.”