Nicki Minaj’s Brother Facing Life In Prison, For Alleged Child Rape.

Jelani Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s elder brother was earlier this year, indicted on two felony counts of sexual assault against a 12-year-old girl and endangering the victim’s welfare–a misdemeanor–which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Maraj stands accused for raping and sodomizing the teen girl in a horrific assault that lasted 8 months in 2015.

Image shows rapper Nicki Minaj and her elder brother Jelani Maraj.

Other legal records indicate that he tried to throw the victim under the bus by alleging that she had sex with another older man.

According to Pitchfork, a grand jury in New York’s Nassau County indicted Maraj on April 4.

Maraj, 37, was offered a chance by the District Attorney to plead guilty for a reduced sentence when the case was first filed, but the newly married man rejected the kindness. He pleaded “not guilty” during his arraignment on April 19.

Bossip reported that he was offered a seven-year deal in exchange for a guilty plea.

Maraj’s team of lawyers are, however, claiming that they have verifiable proof that the young girl was also having sex with another male who is above 17 years old, at the same time.

“Our firm has a good faith basis to believe that the complainant in this case has had intimate physical contact with a man who is not the defendant in this case and who is older than 17 years of age and who may have caused there to be physical evidence of repeated vaginal and anal penetration of the complainant,” Maraj’s lawyers, Benjamin Brafman and Andrea Zellan wrote, according to documents obtained by Bossip.

Latest report on the case confirms Maraj’s DNA matches semen found on the 12-year-old’s clothes contrary to his earlier claims of innocence.

According to the information, police medical investigations have produced a reliable proof that the rapper’s brother is guilty as charged after a swab test was carried out—semen on the victim’s underpants matches his DNA, about 291 billion to one.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office said earlier this week that Maraj has been offered another deal of 15 years to life, following new revelations on the case.

“…A DNA profile, a partial profile matching the defendant or consistent with the defendant, your honor, to the point in the hundreds of billionths of chance of it being any other individual, was discovered in the…pants of the complainant in this case, and also tested positive indicating the presence of semen,” Anthony Pirri, the assistant district attorney told the judge at a hearing July 26 in Nassau County Supreme Court’s sex crimes division.

Maraj is said to have pleaded not guilty to the accusations and is currently out of bail, after mum posted $100,000 on his behalf, Jezebel reported.

Another report says both families are secretly working out a plan to settle the case out of court.

A court trial on the case has been scheduled to begin in November, The Root added

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