Nicki Minaj ‘Loves’ Nas Like Life But She’s Being Cautious.

Nicki Minaj has revealed that she has a soft spot for Nas but described the feeling as a still water that runs deep.

Image: Nicki Minaj

The “Pink Friday” rapper denied rumors that she’s into something nasty with him though admitting there’s a bond — a close-knit one which may ring the bells soon.

Who knows? Anything can happen when you believe in love, no matter how many times one has failed.

“Nicki [Minaj] and Nas talk every day, and see each other a lot—they’re getting really close, but Nicki wants to take her time and not rush things,” a tipster told

The 34-year-old female rapper dated Meek Mill in an off-and-on relationship which came to a tearful end last January, even for her adoring fans.

“To confirm, yes I am single,” she tweeted after the heartbreak. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u.”

Flaunting it: The rapper shows off her curves at the beginning of the video in a skimpy dress as she sits on a chair

Barely six months after their separation, the cat-and-mouse lovers have found their divine calling.

A report from E News at that confirmed through a source that Meek and his girl were always fighting in the relationship.

“They had a bigger fight and then called it quits,” the publication revealed.

“She is doing great and is just putting her mind and soul into her music at this time,” the source explains.

“She can’t predict the future, so getting back with Meek could happen down the road again, because even with fights, she will always have a love for him.”

Minaj’s recent romance with Nas comes as a consolation from the heavens, and she’s apparently happy with life right now although she wants him to slow down to her pace.

Image shows Meek Mill and then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

“She’s still stinging from the Meek [Mill] break-up, so she doesn’t want to jump straight into another serious relationship,” reported.

“That said, there’s a really strong connection between Nicki and Nas, and there’s no doubting how much they dig each other,” the source continued.

“Nas is happy to take things at Nicki’s pace for now—he’s had a thing for her for years, so he’s just glad he’s getting time with her.”

Mill has moved on with life, and there are speculations about who could be his new flame.

Nessa Colombiana, was pictured last week on a vacation with the 30-year-old rapper in Dubai.

TMZ reported that they traveled for Arab Fashion Week.

“The 2 have been hanging out for about a month,” write the news outlet. “… And Nessa accompanied Meek to his big birthday bash in the Caribbean a few weeks back.”

Image shows Minaj’s Instagram picture with Nas.

Meanwhile, the “Anaconda” rapper found herself gushing about her new-found love during a recent chat with Ellen DeGeneres on 23 May. Nicki is 34 and Nas is 43, but age ain’t nothing but numbers.

“He is the king of Queens and I’d like to think I’m the queen of Queens,” Nicki said to Ellen.

“He’s a rap legend, so let’s just say, I have a lot of respect for him. And, ya know, he’s kinda cute, too!”

Minaj and Nas found love in a crazy world.

She admitted visiting his home but was coy about revealing details of any “sleep-overs.”

However, she said he hasn’t been permitted to visit her at home, meaning there’s no room yet for anything nasty.

“We didn’t do the [nasty] because I’m just chillin’ right now,” she confirmed in a most candid answer.

“I’m celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man. I hate men. But I might make an exception to the rule for him because he’s so dope.”

Nas and Minaj already have a music video “Right By My Side featuring Chris Brown. In the flick, the were seen cuddling and getting touchy feely with each other while dancing.

Happy with her choice? She seemed to wince after receiving her smooch from the smooth talking rapper

A CNN report confirmed Minaj will soon float a charity organization to grant financial assistance to students.

She recently paid off some of her fans’ student loans and tuition.

In March, the four-time Billboard Awards-winner made history after surpassing a music record set by Aretha Franklin for the most Billboard Hot 100 hits by a woman.


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