Nicholas Cage Fighting Dirty In Public.

It’s a shame as well as an honor for Nicholas Cage who engaged Vince Neil in a dirty public fight at the Aria Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Officer Laura Meltzer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told The Huffington Post that the department received a call at 5:24 pm from the Aria hotel regarding a female that had allegedly been battered by Neil.

How could that be?

Both Nich and Vince were at the hotel together when a female fan requested for the actor’s autograph, then the former Motley Crue lead singer pulled her down to the ground by her hair, a report said.

Cage jumped at Vince and pulled him off the woman in an amazing kugfu display by putting Neil in a headlock and begging him to calm down.

Cage was heard shouting at Neil, “F**k you, man, stop this s**t now!”

At that point Cage, 52, started fighting Neil and eventually dragging him outside the hotel as recorded by the security camera.

The 55-year-old Neil has been charged for battery by a law court.

Vince Neil’s legal rep David Chesnoff has issued a brief statement on the matter. He said he’s looking into the allegations and also begged that the public should not judge the situation before all of the facts are revealed.

It is remembered that Motley Crue retired after hosting their last show in Los Angeles on December 31.