Neymar: “I’m Not A Rogue.”

Barcelona superstar Neymar has insisted that he and his father are not criminals as people think. He made the statement while talking to the media about their involvement in three legal cases of alledged fraudulent transactions and tax evasion.

Image: Neymar in Brazil colors.

Barca faced a tax-fraud investigation into allegations sorrounding Neymar’s transfer to the Spanish club from Santos FC of Brazil in 2013.

Subsequently, it was confirmed that Barca had defrauded the Spanish state of huge sums of money. The lawsuit ended with La Blaugrana paying an undisclosed fine.

However, FootballEspana reports that the government office responsible for investment funds [DIS] are still pursuing compensation for what they believe to be owed from the deal.

The forward’s assets were also reportedly frozen last September, while he was ordered to pay a €45m fine to the Brazilian treasury back in March.

Marca reported that Neymar pleaded his innocence to a Brazilian magazine Monday 4, following his recent contract signing at Camp Nou.

“I’m not a criminal and neither is my father.

“I don’t know if it’s for a lack of information or the malice of some people, but unfortunately all some people want is controversy.

“I trust my father completely, he deals with everything outside of football in my career.

“I’m lucky to have him on my side so I can practice my profession calmly, without any problems.

“[On missing Copa America], I always want to play, but I understood Barca and their Coach and therefore I didn’t play at Copa America. Now I’m focused on the [Olympic] Games.

“It’s not a priority for me to win [the Ballon d’Or], although it was nice to be alongside [Lionel] Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo] in the last edition. My objective is to win as many trophies as possible.”

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