News Update on Missing Famous Singer.

Chicago-area police say Sinead O’Connor found safe, singer no longer considered missing person; no details released.

Image shows Sinead O’Connor

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor was found safe Monday a day after she vanished while on a bike ride in the posh Chicago suburb of Wilmette.

O’Connor “is no longer considered a missing person,” police said in a statement released to the general public. However, the notice did not say where the 49-year-old singer was found or where she had been.

The “Nothing Compares To U” singer had been classified as “missing suicidal” after an unidentified person called cops to report that the “Nothing Compares 2 U” star left for a ride in the Chicago suburb around 1 p.m. on Sunday and had not returned the bike.

According to a news report, she was last seen on a Raleigh motorized bicycle with a pink basket, wearing a black parka, black leather pants and a sweatshirt that says “Ireland.”

O’Connor, who recently made some controversial allegations about Arsenio Hall and Prince, has discussed her struggle with mental health over the past few years.

Image: Prince was alleged to have sued the singer, O’Connor

An online report says, O’Connor canceled her summer 2015 tour after suffering from “exhaustion due to an existing not resolved medical situation.”

She also publicly cut ties with her family in Nov. 2015 after she shared news that she had suffered an overdose in a Dublin hotel room. In a since-deleted Facebook post from last fall, O’Connor said she lost consciousness during the incident and woke up in a hospital.

The famous singer went ahead labeling her family “hypocrites” for coming to visit her and leaving before she woke up.

“I never wanna see you again. You stole my sons from me. Then you had hypocrisy to come to hospital and then not be here when I wake and not pick up phone?” she wrote.

“You’re dead to me. You killed your mother. You stole my sons. You left me alone for twelve weeks! Why did I have to hear it was your hypocritical asses here while I was unconscious?? And now you’re Gone and not picking up phone… never want to see or hear from any of you again.”

Sinead O’Connor was missing but has been found, police said

The report says, “O’Connor has been very open about her mental health issues, which include a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder, later amended to PTSD, including depression and suicidal tendencies.”

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