NBA commissioner cautions Drake for indecent behavior on the court


Adam Silver is certainly furious at Drake for throwing caution to the winds during an intense NBA game at Scotiabank Arena.

Silver, the NBA commissioner, granted an interview to Yahoo Sports on Wednesday and admitted to have spoken with the Ontario-born songwriter and his manager Future the Prince about conforming with moral standards—especially in public places.

Drake is a staunch supporter of Toronto Raptors and has been dubbed an ambassador.

However, the Hotline Bling crooner has no excuses for “losing his senses” during a surge of excitement on the sideline.  He had “unemotionally” caressed Raptors coach in a way that moralists think was wrong.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Silver criticized Drake for the “ill-timed” massage but expressed admiration for the 32-year-old’s humble love for basketball.

‘There are few sideline manners he [Drake] needs to learn,’ Adams told Chris Hayes, the TV program anchor. ‘It is obvious that he crossed a line that even ambassadors should not dare. And I think, for instance, he is not supposed to get that close with the coach.’

Silver showed understanding for Drake’s excitement—in the heat of the moment—and stressed that the rapper is still loved for his unwavering support and “controversial” sideline antics.

‘But lines are always there and he [Drake] has to draw some,’ the appalled NBA commissioner added. ‘You don’t want to end up touching a coach who may not really understand what was going on in the middle of the action.’

Drake has made significant contributions to the Raptors resurgence, and now that they’re campaigning for their first-ever appearance in the finals, critics need to cut him some slack. Nonetheless, the Canadian rapper received huge backlash for always exploiting opportunities to market his brand. He is a highly visible “athlete” and his interest cuts across music and sports—particularly football and basketball.

Drake is a Raptors legend; he has been involved in almost every news-worthy sideline gist this season. During Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals against Milwaukee Bucks, he dramatically celebrated in the middle of gameplay but that wasn’t a problem at all—he overstepped by giving Raptors coach Nick Nurse a brief massage.

Seems the rapper can’t get over this bromance with Nurse, basketball and winning, right? Maybe certain celebrations should be viewed beyond the moralists’ perspective.

Bucks coach said during an interview the following day: ‘This is a no-no for fans…There’s no room to accommodate such behaviours on the court.

‘The lines and boundaries are there for a reason,’ he added.

Silver confirmed to Yahoo Sports that the discussion with Drake and his manager was positive, adding that the “Thank Me Later” singer understands where his behaviour crossed the line.

‘Drake and his manager Future were cooperative. They were like, “Alright, we need to mark where the right line is.”’