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NAKED JUSTICE: The height of bestiality in Nigeria

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As a “truly proud” Nigerian, I would defend and dignify my fellow citizens against a factual claim by Abdulaziz Abdullahi (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health), who alleged that over 60 million people in Africa’s most populous nation are suffering from mental illness. But guess what. He was right, because knowledge about mental health disorders is generally poor in Nigeria and this health condition attracts less attention.

Health experts say mental disorders are different and can have dissimilar presentations but are “generally characterized by a combination of abnormal thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behaviour…in their dealings with other people.”

On this premise, you would agree with me that the “real” health status of a staggering number of mentally-ill Nigerians roaming the streets in “clean” clothes are perfectly depicted in Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Suffering and Smiling. They are so heartless, thoughtless, malicious and remorseless—and would exhibit debased brutality at the slightest provocation. These miscreants—unrestrained by age, religion, ethnicity or respect for morality—would maim or destroy lives for pittance, sometimes, citing some debased reasons for their horrifying actions.

The recent case of an Edo state slay queen who suffered “naked justice” in the hands of young men, including an elderly woman who is old enough to be her grandmother, shows that some Nigerians are better left alone in the stone age. As seen in the viral video below, the girl was accused of phone theft in Benin City and condemned by a mob. Her plea for mercy fell on the deaf ears of those debauched, mentally-unstable monsters who eventually stripped the accused person and coldheartedly inserted pepper into her vagina. What a hard life!

Blame it on the increasing level of hardship, ignorance and loss of human touch. Our ineffective security and judicial systems buoyed by gross incompetence in the three-tier system of government isn’t helping matters in any way. Insecurity in Nigeria was synonymous with Boko Haram and Niger-Delta militants, but who do we run to—when we are wrongfully accused, declared guilty until proven innocent, sodomized, lynched or killed by our own brothers and sisters who pride themselves as gods?

The league of Patriotic Lawyers of Nigeria reached out to the Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Olusegun Odumosu, with demands that perpetrators of the dastardly attack must be apprehended within 24 hours.

“…Failure to unravel the perpetrators would lead to serious legal consequences against the various security agencies, especially the Police and Director of DSS in the state,” part of the press statement reads.

“This ungodly act shows that law and order have broken down in Benin.

“We call on the governor, who is undoubtedly unaware of this devilish act, and the Secretary to the State Government, a very hard working and God-fearing man, to ensure that the perpetrators are tracked and punished accordingly.”

“We are not concerned about the merit of this case at this moment, but the exhibition of extreme cruelty which is completely alien to our revered culture and tradition.”

True to this statement from the league of Patriotic Lawyers of Nigeria, there’s no moral justification to the level of barbarism exhibited by those perverted porn freaks. Of course, I condemn theft and violence in all ramifications, but naked justice is never the SOLUTION.

Naked justice, as is also applicable to Mrs. Dorathy Sunday, the woman from Ebonyi state who allegedly stole a 5-day-old twin baby boy at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Anambra state, is an immoral and dehumanizing act which leaves its victims in perpetual trauma.

Most Nigerians need a re-orientation; with these acts of viciousness, it’s obvious that people are “silently” begging for mental re-assessment, emotional support, and a government with effective security mechanisms especially at the local government level. Otherwise, the clarion call for peace and unity will forever remain a mirage.

To preserve our dignity and save us from ourselves, we need intervention from International Human Rights Organizations, Amnesty International and the International Rescue Committee, among others. It’s a fight against naked justice and violence!

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