Naked Fight Ensues At A Beach After Visitors Refused To Undress Near Nudists.

Go to a beach and have fun but never visit a nudist location if you’re not ready to undress. A group of rascals in Bordeaux, France failed to heed this warning and their negligence sparked a “naked fight” at a beach.

Image: File Photo

Reports say it’s not clear if the perverts in were out to cause troubles, following the recent burkini ban on beaches around France. However, the naked brawl was put under control by riot police and some of the suspects were arrested.

The incident occurred around the ‘nudist zone’ on a beach at La Teste-de-Buch in Arcachon.

A group of clothed perverts were said to have visited the scene filled with nudists but failed to get in their birthday suits, rather, they were busy treating themselves to the amazing sights of beautiful naked women.

With eyeballs popping out of their heads and mouths wide open, the nudists got uncomfortable and had to order the intruders numbering around 10, “to undress or get lost”.

A clothed visitor at a beach has no business near nudists. If you get around them by mistake, decency demands that you close your eyes, make a U-turn or leave the location as quickly as you can. But staring inappropriately at naked women says you’re ready for some “booby brawls”.

Of course, the nudists didn’t take it lightly. Being a nudist demands you “see and be seen”. It’s simple.

Arcachon police are still trying to clear up details about the “shirts versus skins” fight, but according to The Local, French riot police (CRS) were alerted, and they rolled up onto the beach on four-wheelers to calm the scene. Two of the clothed group were initially detained but were released the same day.

The investigation is on-going.

Image: File Photo