My Love for Drake don’t cost a thing – Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has dated some young, wealthy and handsome men like Sean “Puff Diddy” Combs, Casper White, and now Drake. The famous musician has also wedded three “real men” who had everything she could ever ask for, but she insists her “love don’t cost a thing.”

The happiest man on earth at this moment should be Drake, who dumped 28-year-old Rihanna for Jennifer Lopez, 47.

J. Lo [full names Jennifer Lynn Lopez] released her second studio album titled J. Lo in 2001 but the single track “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” was released on 2 December, 2000.

The album attracted huge sales around the world, and was made popular by the lyrics from that single track which says: “…even if you’re broke…”

At the time she released “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” Lopez was dating American rapper Puff Daddy whose lifestyle she described as “materialistic”.

Image shows Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs.

The mother-of-two aroused speculations as to whether she was dissing her then boyfriend.

Surprisingly, the two lovebirds called it quits in their relationship shortly after that song was released. And critics hailed Lopez for the music track which many agreed to be a bold message and a sharp rebuke to all male rappers who objectify women for sex and materialism.

Image: Jennifer Lopez

Later in July 2000, J.Lo revealed in an interview that Lawson [a songwriter] was the one who brought up ideas for “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.”

She said: “I wrote and recorded a track which eventually turned out to be ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’. I called Lawson up, and I played the track and sang the melody to him over the phone.

“We ended up collaborating on the song, with both of us writing parts of the melody and the lyric.

“I came up with the title, and he came up with the key line, ‘Even if you were broke,’ in the chorus.

“Three other writers, Georgette Franklin, Jeremy Munroe and Amil Harris, also contributed parts to the song.”

Through the years, it seems all men who journeyed through J. Lo’s life never understood what she wanted in a relationship – simply nothing.

As of 2014, she was worth $340 million.

The TV personality has experienced three failed marriages: Ojani Noa (1997-1998), Cris Judd (2001-2003), and Marc Anthony (2004-2014). She has also dated many young and got her heart broken a few times, but she never gives up.

J. Lo’s latest romance with Drake made headlines around the world, and they just don’t care what people say.

Earlier this week, some Instagram pictures confirmed her affair with the 30-year-old rapper. They’re the hottest celebrity couple in town at this moment, no doubts.

The Canadian rapper recently revealed to his friends, according to media reports, that he has been crushing on J.Lo for a very long time.

Drake seem to have the magic touch with all women who dare to cross his path, not only J. Lo. And both artists suspiciously lost their relationships at the same, but were fast to hook up within a very short period, a “coincidence” Rihanna won’t ever admit because J. Lo has been her close friend.

Was Drake caught cheating with J. Lo before splitting with Rihanna?

“Drake’s had a crush on Jen for ages and they’ve always been flirty. But this is the first time they’ve been single at the same time,” a tipster revealed to Heat magazine

“I think Drake went to her show hoping they might hook up – and everyone’s saying it worked. She loves his swagger and he loves a powerful woman.”

A close friend to the newest celebrity couple said though Drake is 30 and Lopez is 47, the age gap means nothing to them.

In a recent Instagram picture, J. Lo was seen wearing Drake’s gold chain, a confirmation that her “love”, truly, “don’t cost a thing.” He doesn’t even have to buy her a new bling bling, and that’s a solid point from the superwoman. Love is sharing, isn’t it?

JLo wearing Drake's chain

JLo wearing Drake's chain

“They’ve known each other for ages, through the Kardashians, and there’s always been chemistry between them. He’s secure in himself, loves older women and doesn’t mind taking a back seat to a super-famous girlfriend,” said the insider.

Wish Rihanna read this handwriting on the wall. How could she not have known that? Any ways, not too late though for other young preys who will get the fact before he strikes again.

“Jen loves the attention and she seems very happy to be spending time with him,” a report from People claims.

“Drake is very charming. He treats Jen with lots of respect. She seems very smitten.”

We can only wish them good luck at this time.