Must-read news headlines for August 17, 2018

Late singer Aretha Franklin inspired women to get some “respect” but she never saw herself as a “feminist heroine” even though the message in some of her most famous anthems empowered them to greatness.


Former U.S. security officials issued scathing rebukes to President Donald Trump, admonishing him for yanking a top former spy chief’s security clearance in what they cast as an act of political vengeance.

The Vatican is expressing “shame and sorrow” over a scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report about clergy who raped and molested children in that state.

Female veterans are campaigning to change Congress, where those with military experience account for just 1 in 5 lawmakers.

As the Senate convened for a rare August work period, the late-summer session serves as a reminder of how much has changed in the partnership between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump.

SLAIN COLORADO MOM PAINTED PORTRAIT OF HAPPY MARRIED LIFE: Shanann Watts painted a rosy picture of family life which grimly jars after her husband was arrested on suspicion of killing her and their two daughters.

Karachi’s counter-terrorism department chief says the Islamic State group is the newest and deadliest front in Pakistan’s decades-old war on terror.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the Taliban’s deadly assault on the Afghan city of Ghazni is the kind of violence the insurgents are likely to repeat in the run up to parliamentary elections.

The two men charged in the deaths of 36 people in an Oakland warehouse fire are scheduled to appear in court for the first time since a judge scuttled their plea deal.

Four rockers that make up the band, known as Arikayn, are Afghan refugees, and their struggles mirror those of millions of other Afghans who have fled to Iran during decades of war.