Music fans react to Kanye West’s lyrics about Larry Hoover Sr

Kanye West returned to the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta for a second time yesterday (Thursday, 5 August) to share his highly anticipated album, Donda. Fans went online to discuss Larry Hoover Jr as they heard him speak out about his father’s imprisonment on one of the album tracks.

Kanye West and mom Donda
Undated image shows Kanye West and his late mother, Donda

Larry Hoover Jr features on Kanye West’s Donda

Kanye West gave a sneak reveal of some of the tracks on Donda last month as he hosted a listening party at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

The rapper returned to the venue yesterday (Thursday, 5 August) to host a second listening party, where fans heard more of the album.

Fans spotted one of the tracks features a recorded message by Larry Hoover Jr, son of Larry Hoover Sr, who is serving six life sentences in prison for his involvement with notorious Chicago gang the Gangster Disciples.

What did Larry Hoover Jr say?

As reported by E! News, Larry Hoover Jr says over the top of one of Kanye’s tracks: “Free my father, Mr Larry Hoover Sr.”

Larry Hoover Jr is also reported to have thanked Kanye West for bringing his father’s case to the attention of former president Donald Trump.

The rapper met with the 45th president of the United States in 2018 and, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, is said to have asked Trump to “commute” the sentence of Larry Hoover Sr.

Larry Hoover Sr

Fans react to Larry Hoover Jr feature on Twitter

As fans caught up with the rapper’s listening party, some took to Twitter as they reacted to Larry Hoover Jr’s emotional feature on the album:

That Larry Hoover tribute brought tears to me eyes #Freemydadtillhefree— Chemtrails over the Trap (@OptimusSlime59) August 6, 2021

Kanye played a song with Jr saying free my dad Mr. Larry Hoover Sr. 🥲🥲🥲 🖤— Jay Jae (@JayJae227) August 6, 2021

On what Kanye West got Larry Hoover Jr on Donda 😭🔥— Trip (@caaaaassssper) August 6, 2021

What did Larry Hoover Sr do?

The Chicago Tribune reports Gangster Disciples chairman Larry Hoover Sr was convicted in federal court 20 years ago of continuing to run his criminal empire from jail despite serving a 200-year sentence in state prison for murder.

Hoover, 70, has been serving six life terms at the supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado.