Movie Talk offers students a chance to learn English from Hollywood actors


Soiderman and Iron man

Having access to interaction with native English speakers has always been the best way to rapidly improve fluency, and now one American college professor has a brand-new course that gives Chinese people a chance to improve their skills in a fun and completely unique way.

Professor Dawn Cordray of Heritage University has created a new course titled Movie Talk, the only class of its kind that offers this unique format.

Movie Talk meets online once a week for a two-hour class.

During the first hour Professor Cordray and professional American actors read a popular movie script (like Avatar, Titanic, Marvel Avengers, etc.) with the students, explaining the difficult passages.

During the second hour Professor Cordray leads an in-depth discussion where students get a chance to talk about the movie, thereby practicing their speaking skills and getting immediate correction.

The course is designed for students who already speak English well and want to bring their fluency level up to the point where they are comfortable holding a conversation about any topic.

In addition to the benefits of this course unique format with a chance to talk with multiple American speakers at once, there is another bonus, the course also gives students access to Professor Cordray herself.

For students to take the course Professor Cordray offers access to her expertise all week via QQ, WeChat, and email, in case anyone has a quick question. This can be invaluable if you need someone to proofread a sentence before you send out an email or you were not sure the best way to word something.

Each class will be recorded and students can get a copy of the class to listen to again for review purposes.

For more information go to the website Professordawn dot com