Mourinho to Reveal why he didn’t sign for Barcelona

Jose Mourinho has been applauded for helping Manchester United emerge from its “dark tunnel” after a tumultuous post-Sir Alex Ferguson era, and the Portuguese coach isn’t taking pride in his efforts. He prefers to talk about the contract he once rejected from Barcelona. Good way to diffuse tensions, right?

Mourinho, who took over reigns at Real Madrid in 2008, recently spoke with reporters about his fierce rivalry with Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola at that time.

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Image: Jose Mourinho

The former Chelsea coach admits there was a “good” reason he rejected an offer to join a club he’d have loved to work for, under Sir Bobby Robson, adding that it’s about time the truth is revealed.

Mou, 54, also hinted that his coaching career will not end at Old Trafford, sparking speculations that plans might be underway for him at either Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain.

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‘It’d be totally insane for me to say that I’ll end my career at Manchester United,’ he said.

The “Special One” also made reference to a day his son who resides in London asked why he traveled to Paris for a PSG match instead of watching United.

‘Why Paris? Because it has a special spark,’ the veteran coach answered.

‘Magic, quality, youth… it’s fantastic. PSG is one of the best clubs.’

It’s unclear where Mourinho would love to pitch his tent once his contract with United ends but he hasn’t ruled out a possibility with the Paris club.

‘I can only say that I’m still a coach with a burning desire to achieve greater heights. I’m ambitious – I love trying new things,’ he continued.

‘Unfortunately, there are a lot of things about my career that I’d rather keep to myself,’ Mourinho said in an interview with the French TV show Téléfoot.

‘Maybe I’ll talk about it one day when I’m old, very old.’