Mourinho feels ‘betrayed’ by Manchester United over Pogba situation


Pogba and Mourinho.jpg

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho isn’t happy with the club’s handling of his alleged rift with Paul Pogba.

Since the start of this 2018/19 English Premier League season, Pogba has twice made public statements which were interpreted as jabs directed at the manager.

Following United’s victory over Leicester City on the opening day of the 2018/19 season, the France midfielder said he wouldn’t speak about some certain things for fear of attracting fines.

Again, after the stalemate with Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford, Pogba said the Red Devils needed to “attack, attack, attack.”

Meanwhile, Mourinho believes United should have intervened swiftly and publicly to address Pogba’s growing disrespect, a situation which football pundits believe may lead to the player’s exit from Old Trafford. Barcelona will most likely be the midfielder’s next destination, if La Blaugranas can afford to break the bank for his signatures.

The Portuguese manager also feels sad that United management think differently about the roles he assigned to his French midfielder, and this alleged backing is considered a reason the 25-year-old has allegedly treated him with contempt.

Mourinho’s powers have been undermined by the Pogba situation and the 55-year-old believes that “justice delayed is justice denied.” Since United management has failed to intervene and calm the noise, it is clearly too late for a peaceful resolution although The Telegraph notes that the France international footballer has been gagged and will no longer speak to the press.

In his statement on the Mourinho-Pogba troubles which has affected United’s performance since the 2018/19 season, particularly a loss against Brighton last month, Mino Raiola (the player’s agent) backed his player in public by re-tweeting a post from Paul Scholes that argued about “lack of leaders” in the midfield.

On Tuesday night, United’s Champions League match against Valencia ended 0-0 at Old Trafford and the result adds more pressure to Mourinho’s ongoing trials at the club.

After the turgid draw against Valencia, a French reporter appraoched Pogba and asked if he would like to grant an interview. The former Juventus player said he was forbidden to talk.

‘I’ve been told that I have no permission for that,’ Pogba said.

At the end of Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at West Ham, Pogba was also asked to comment on United’s performance and he exclaimed, ‘Do you want me dead?’