Malaysian PM says Jews are ‘hook nosed’, blames Israel for the troubles in Middle East



Mahathir Mohamad has been slammed for antisemitism after he referred to Jews as “hook-nosed” and blamed Israel for creating problems in the Middle East.

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Image: Mahathir Mohamad

Mohamad, 93, is the world’s oldest head of government following his second tenure which started in May.

Although a large number of Malaysians believe Mohamad’s government is, to an extent, characterized by wisdom, prudence and good leadership, his overt hatred for the Jews makes him “one of the most controversial PMs” around the world. He says Israel is a mischief-maker and “a perpetrator of humanitarian crisis” in the Palestinian territories.

In an interview with BBC’s Hard Talk, Mohamad called Israelis “special,” adding that an estimated 6 million deaths recorded in the Holocaust was flawed. In his opinion, historical accounts were distorted to “favor Israel.”

‘Everyone knows the truth—that Israel is responsible for all problems in the Middle East. It began with the creation of Israel. That’s the truth, but I can’t say it,’ Mohamad noted.

‘They [Israelis] are hook-nosed. Many people referred to Malays as fat-nosed and we didn’t object. We didn’t go to war for that.’

In May 2018, a US-based organization against antisemitism (the Anti-Defamation League) posted a message on social media slamming Mohamad’s decades-long record of racist conspiracy theories.

‘The world cannot accept this from any leader,’ ADL tweeted.

Last week, at the UN general assembly meeting in New York, Mohamad claimed that the world congratulates Israel for breaking international laws and committing acts of terrorism against Palestine.

AJC Asia tweeted on 2 October, “With anti-Semitism on the rise worldwide, such moments by political leaders cannot be tolerated. We condemn #Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad’s comments.”