MODRIC-SAGA: Inter Milan explain rift with Real Madrid

¬¿¨¡¤ÄªµÂÀïÆæ Luka Modric

Real Madrid boss Florentino Perez is offended by an alleged plot from Inter Milan to “unlawfully” woo Luka Modric over to Italy.

Perez opted to sue the Serie A Champions for making contact with Modric without first seeking permission from Madrid, and the La Liga giants say this unauthorized approach must be punished.

According to Cadena SER, a Spanish radio station, the Croatian captain has been linked to the Nerazzurri in recent weeks and media speculations favored an unexpected agreement before Saturday night when the Italian transfer window closed.

This disrespectful act from Milan posed a huge threat to their previously cordial relationship with Los Blancos. Under FIFA regulations, the Italian side needed permission from the Madrid board before contacting any contracted player, especially when the involved footballers are not on the transfer list.

However, Milan responded almost immediately after receiving a letter from FIFA regarding Madrid’s complaints about the alleged communication with World Cup star, Modric.

In their official statement, the Nerazzurri said: “…We were never in contact with Modric nor had any direct or indirect negotiations with the midfielder.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport noted that FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee is currently investigating the matter and will give its verdict soon.