Miley Cyrus regrets posing nude for ‘Wrecking Ball’

Miley Cyrus thrilled the music world with her nude appearance in ‘Wrecking Ball,’ not because she likes doing weird stuff in videos but for self expression.

She enjoys being the real Cyrus always, and can wear dildos to prove this point as she did in the music video for her 2013 hit single.

She was seen stark naked while swinging on a ball for the viral video which was released as part of her fourth studio album “The Bangerz (2013).”

‘Wrecking Ball’ was released on 25 August, 2013, and its accompanying music video followed on 9 September, 2013, but despite the huge success and wide criticisms, Miley says she now holds regret for that provocative act.

During an interview on The Zach Sang Show, Miley was asked to pair her songs from a game of “Marry, Eff, Kill.”

She said: “Marry would probably be ‘The Climb‘ because it still has a message I’m down with.

“Eff would be ‘7 Things’. Kill would be ‘Wrecking Ball,'” she added.

Sacha Skarbek, who wrote “The Wrecking Ball,” revealed it was initially composed with Beyonce in mind.

“Beyonce song now becoming a Miley Cyrus song?!! Good/bad? I don’t know??!!!! [sic],” he tweeted.

One of his representative also confirmed in December 2012 that, “Originally, the songwriting session between Dr. Luke and Sacha was booked to write a song for Beyonce. But as the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ progressed, the songwriters realized the song would not work for her.”

Miley was all over the music video, licking a sledgehammer while taking turns on the soft ball.

However, the 24-year-old who released her latest music video ‘Malibu’ last week, said: “That’s something you can’t take away – swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever. Once you do that, it’s forever.

“I’m never living that down. I will always be the naked girl on a wrecking ball.

“I should have thought about how long that was going to have to follow me around.

“That’s my worst nightmare…that [song] being played at my funeral,” she confessed.

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Miley’s new single Malibu is about her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth. The song features country music roots.

Miley had her sound and image totally overhauled for the new song.

In her 2013 interview with Billboard, the award-winner said: “I feel like I can really be myself.

“I really have more of a connection of who I am, and I feel like I can maybe express that more in my music now.”

While the music world celebrates Miley’s rekindled romance with Liam, the artist who starred on Hannah Montana, revealed to Long Island’s Cooper Lawrence morning show that “It’s kinda crazy that I’ll always be known for licking a sledge hammer.

PETA named Cyrus the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015.

Talking about her biggest regret in music, she said: “‘Wrecking Ball’ — I’ll do it, but I don’t love it.

“It’s when you’re so stoked about something and then you have to sing a song that bums you out. And I’ll never live down when I licked a sledgehammer.”

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At the age of 14, she made a hearty confession to her mom, revealing herself as “pansexual and not in a relationship.”

“I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I’m with,” she revealed.

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