Mike Tyson training Chris Brown for a mega-boxing match against Soulja Boy

Chris Brown and fellow rapper Soulja Boy have had enough of social media war, they’re now taking their feuds to the Boxing ring. And Mike Tyson says it’s surely going to last more than first round.

This will be a fight of the decade because the world’s most celebrated boxers – Floyd Mayweather and Tyson, are actively involved.

Tyson whose real names are Malik Abdul Aziz says he thinks the celebrity fight will be a very tough one.

The 50-year-old confirmed in a recent announcement that he is Brown’s trainer.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be a Chris Brown knockout,” the Brooklyn-born star said in an interview with TMZ.

“I think they’re gonna be scrapping,” he added.

Answering a question on whether he intends teaching the “Royalty” singer some dirty fighting tricks, Tyson said it all depends on how Soulja Boy plans to fight.

The celebrity feud reached its peak last week after Karrueche Tran posted an Instagram picture, and Soulja Boy “liked” it. His admiration was misinterpreted by Brown, who called and threatened him to stop daydreaming on his ex-girlfriend.

According to a report from BET, Tran says she’s not interested in the social media war between her ex-boyfriend and Soulja Boy, adding that she’s not interested in their boxing arrangement.

Aye @chrisbrown pull up nigga I’ll knock yo Bitch Ass out stop snorting so much coke nigga. FRUITS——

Fuck @chrisbrown

TMZ hooked up with Soulja Boy in LAX, and the 26-year-old revealed he’s getting ready for the big fight, adding that his main focus is to quit smoking weed in time.

“There’ll surely be a knock-out no matter what Mike Tyson says,” Soulja Boy added.

The “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper returned from Hong Kong on Friday but says Floyd Mayweather earlier informed him that the venue will be in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

However, media reports say it’ll be live in Dubai.

50 Cents, who is a close friend of Brown, has not spoken on the upcoming fight but Tyson released an Instagram video on Sunday, saying he will inspire Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend to victory.

In his words: “So it’s confirmed. I’m training Chris, he chose me as his trainer to take on Soulja Boy.

“I’m gonna teach him how to bite somebody’s ear. Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out. I’m not going to teach him how to run.”

Tyson has bounced back in the spotlight through his recent partnership with Brown and Mayweather.

The former boxing champion recorded a diss song aimed at Soulja Boy Tell Em whose real names are DeAndre Cortez Way.

Tyson’s song “If You Show Up” was released on YouTube and it’s about a possibility of Brown knocking out Cortez in the ring.

As expected, the Stars On Deck Entertainment founder didn’t take it lightly.

“Who tf told Mike Tyson to get in the studio and rap with that lisp,” he posted on Twitter. “Mike Tyson needs to stick to biting ears off and not rapping.”

The date for this mega fight is yet to be released but it is certain to happen. Of course, lots of cash will be involved.

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