Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray Says He’s Not Responsible For The Legend’s Death.

Conrad Murray who had the opportunity to serve legendary Michael Jackson as his personal doctor while he lived, has denied accusations linking him to the iconic musician’s death on June 25, 2009.

Image: Conrad Murray

He is, instead, pointing fingers at the King of Pop’s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein.

“He [Michael Jackson] never shared to me that Dr. Arnold Klein was pumping him up on a daily basis, so that 900 sometimes also 1000 milligrams of Demerol,” Murray revealed, according to International Business Times.

“But I will tell you this,” he added. “Michael never complained about pain that required that kind of treatment.” 

Speculations that Conrad had been set up by some stronger powers after snuffing life out MJ, remains to be exposed.

However, following the pop star’s death, investigations confirm, “the pop star died due to a fatal dose of anesthesia, which was administered by Murray”.

Murray was imprisoned for two years and charged with involuntary manslaughter, as a result, but he still maintains his innocence over MJ’s death.

The first defendant said in an interview with TMZ, that he did not administer any dangerous pills that could have caused death to “the Smooth Criminal” singer, adding that Jackson kept it a secret from him that he was “taking other drugs besides Propofol,” which he [Murray] admitted to have given the artist.

But autopsy results confirmed Michael had Propofol in his body, and that was certified as the main cause of his death.

Image: Michael Jackson

Did the doctors, medics, hospital and investigators play a part to lay blames on Conrad?

“He never told me he was abusing narcotics,” Murray said.

“Klein was injecting MJ with high doses of Demerol, a type of opioid that could cause respiratory depression and other adverse effects if not administered properly.”

Despite the evidence discovered through the investigation, Murray maintained that Jackson did not die from Propofol.

Murray served as the pop icon’s doctor and confidant for three years. At the moment when the Pop King collapsed and became unconscious in his Beverly Hills home, Murray was nowhere around the megastar.

In his defense, the personal doctor argues that “when he found Michael, he did his best to resuscitate him”, and according to Daily Mail, Murray insisted that “MJ still had signs of life when he was brought to the hospital”.

ER medics, however, pronounced that Jackson was clinically dead and the singer did not have any pulse when he arrived at the hospital.

Image shows Michael Jackson (L) with Dr Arnold Klein, his longtime friend and doctor.

“Michael Jackson did not die from Propofol,” Murray stated. “Nothing that I gave Michael Jackson should’ve harmed him.”

“Although Murray’s recent revelations could possibly stir up a new investigation regarding the artists’ death, it might be hard to prove the physician’s innocence especially since Klein had died in October last year,” Music Times added.