‘Melon Baby’ Is Breaking The Internet.

A watermelon farmer from China’s west Sichuan province recently took some pictures of his son and posted a series of the photos on the social media. Little did he know that the pictures would go viral.

His son was seen helping him in the fields, playing with the watermelons and enjoying the family’s home-grown treats. A happy boy, you would say.

The post captured the hearts of fruit lovers as well as those who trip for cuteness.

The ‘proud farmer dad’ is named Zhang. He published the photos on Weibo [a popular Chinese social media forum] and netizens can’t get enough of the junior farmer who has suddenly turned a model.

The little boy was given the nickname “Gua Wazi” or “Melon Baby”.

It is expected that Zhang’s cute boy will soon become more popular than the Cabbage Patch Kids.