Meet the man who punched a Kangaroo to save his dog

A graffiti artist in Australia has painted a mural to pay tribute to an unsung hero who punched a kangaroo to save the life of his dog.

Media reports confirm that the man had gone on a boar hunting trip and was having a good time until the annoying kangaroo grabbed his dog by the neck.

Greig Tonkins, a zookeeper at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubba, quickly went viral after the YouTube video surfaced online recently. He was seen running towards the animal which had put his dog, Max, in a headlock.

This Australian zookeeper then punched the animal to save his pet.

In the online video released by Greg Bloom, Tonkins successfully got the kangaroo to release his dog after he punched it in the face. The marsupial charged at him but he was lucky to escape with his canine.

The kangaroo was fazed by the blow but didn’t suffer any injuries.

However, netizens have expressed different emotions on the incident. Some say he was brave while others say he should be commended for fighting to save his dog.

Nonetheless, a lot others argued that he was wrong to have attacked a “harmless” kangaroo.

Meanwhile, the controversial artist named Lushsux, has voted in favor of the unlikely hero through his painting.

The artist from Melbourne, Australia, became famous with some disputatious murals depicting the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Lushsux, who has also made paintings of other famous people, took to Instagram on Sunday to display his latest work.

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Reports confirm the video clip was recorded sometime in June but was posted on YouTube just last week.

Lushsux posted a short video clip to Instagram featuring the mural and the audio from the viral clip of Tonkin’s kangaroo punch.