Meet the man who discovered Messi

Javier Saviola looked back at his career on Movistar and remembered his time at Real Madrid, Benfica and Barcelona.

He said “Benfica is one of the best clubs in which I’ve played” because “we played very good football and the fans enjoyed it.” His only regret is “I’d have liked to have given them a European championship.”

But his time at Barcelona was also of particular interest. He said it was “incredible” to get there and see the size of the club. He arrived young and shortly after his father died.

Xavi Hernandez was very helpful for him. “They were tough moments, we went through them together, we created a very big friendship,” said Saviola of the ex Barca skipper.

Ronaldinho was “spectacular”, added the Argentine. “I saw him move, I didn’t run and he looked at me. I told him, ‘I’d never have imagined that you could make me that pass.'”

On Leo Messi, he remembers the first time he saw his compatriot. 

“In one of the first training sessions after arriving at Barca, Charly Rexach told me ‘if you can at some point, there’s an Argentine boy, go and see him, you won’t regret it.’ It was Leo and I was completely in awe.”