Did Kushner advise Trump to concede?

As Democrat Joe Biden has claimed victory and held his victory celebration Saturday night, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner reportedly was approaching President Donald Trump about conceding the presidential election.

The news was first reported by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, citing two unidentified sources.

She tweeted late Saturday night:

“Some news — Jared Kushner has approached President Trump about conceding the election, per two sources.”

Collins noted Biden’s Saturday night speech did not reference a concession from his opponent, as Trump’s did in 2016, tweeting:

“One thing Biden doesn’t mention in his victory speech like Trump did in 2016: a call from his opponent. Then Trump opened by saying he’d just received a call from Clinton, who congratulated him as he did in return on her ‘very hard-fought campaign.’ None of that this time.”

Fox News’ John Roberts has also reported Trump is adamant to follow the legal paths until all the legal votes are counted, and the president would ultimately “graciously concede” if the lawsuits bore no fruit.

Trump, his campaign, and legal counsel will “spend a period of time challenging what has gone on here in the last few days to ensure that there is transparency in terms of counting the votes,” according to Roberts. “I’m told that, you know, in addition to the president wanting to see this done, the president is really being supported and being pushed to some degree by his family who want to make sure every legal vote was counted and that no illegal votes were counted.”

But, after the legal process plays out, Roberts reported, if Trump “does not see a path to continuing as the president of the United States, he will graciously concede and work on a peaceful and appropriate transfer of power. Those were the words that were given to me.”