Mbappe demands more passes from teammate, says ‘being sorry isn’t good enough’

Kylian Mbappé has been causing trouble at PSG this season.

Since he signed a new contract with PSG and rejected Real Madrid this summer, the striker seems to be out of focus, and is clearly not happy with his teammates. 

This time, he had beef with Achraf Hakimi. In the tunnel, the french star and the left back were having a conversation, in which Mbappé demands better passes from Hakimi.

“Did you see the video? You had to give me the ball,” Mbappé says.

Hakimi answers: “Yes I saw it.”

The Frenchman insists: “It isn’t enough being sorry, you have to give me the ball.”


If Mbappe has an ally in PSG’s hectic locker room, it’s Achraf Hakimi. The Moroccan winger, a Real Madrid academy graduate, has had a special relationship with the striker since he signed for the Parisian team last summer. Not even that freed him from his friend’s fury during a game last year.

The previous controversy in which he was involved came just a few days ago. During the press conference prior to the Champions League match against Juventus, Mbappé scoffed along with his coach Christophe Galtier when he hesitated about saving energy in France.

In the Gallic country they’ve begun to point the finger at the French striker, who claimed he stayed at PSG this summer to be the image of the nation. So far, he’s scored nine goals this year.