Mastering your emotions (anger)

Emotions are strong human feelings such as love, hate, anger etc. Mastering your emotions helps you see things the way they really are, thereby giving you the room to tackle situations properly. 

Anger is an emotional response and the most destructive amongst them all.  It is a strong feeling of wanting to hurt, harm or criticize someone because they have done something unfair, cruel or wrong.   

Certainly we must get offended by family members, colleagues, friends or even strangers, but we should know that anger has never helped to solve any problem. Instead it clouds your sense of reasoning for the mean time, and if you cannot see a situation clearly then you cannot prepare for, and respond to it with any degree of control.  It’s okay to get angry. However, it’s not okay to let it dominate you, even God made that known in Ephesians 6:26.

There’s no action taken out of anger that has ever produced good result. Instead, it causes more physical, mental, emotional and financial damages, among others.  So, whenever you get offended by someone or something, try some of this anger management ideas:

1) Try to stay calm

2) Walk away, if possible

3) Listen to good music

4) Get something good to drink or eat.

Always remember that an emotional response to a situation is a single barrier to success and productivity.

*Written by Jennifer N. Elendu for Meziesblog

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