Married man in Bostwana divorces wife for a sex doll

A 39-year-old man in Bostwana has divorced his legal wife after discovering new sexual energy from a sex doll.

Bambi sex doll.jpg

Image from Passion Dolls shows a Bambi – Type D – 155cm Busty Real Sex Doll worth $1,850.95

Paellas Mohule, reportedly bought his new love from a US-based company.

According to the man, his wife and many other women had only showed love for his wealth and infected him with sexually transmitted diseases in return, so his decision to go with a lifeless woman was reasonable.

Mohule is said to be a car dealer in Gaborone, Botswana. He found the sex doll online, fell in love with her, and made haste to acquire the beauty for a whooping $2,600.00 (N935,251.80).

According to Ugblizz, Mohule said he hardly gained sexual satisfaction from women and admitted his first intimacy with the doll was beyond words. The experience helped consolidate his decision to divorce his legal wife, a mother-of-four.

“My wife is no match for the doll,” he was quoted as saying, “especially when it comes to bedroom matters.”

Mohule pledged to offer financial assistance to his wife and children and asked to be allowed to live his life with the doll in perfect peace.

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