Man wakes up near a 12-ft long Crocodile

One lucky man from a remote village in Eastern India miraculously survived death after waking up to a 12-ft long crocodile in his yard.

Dasharath Madkami, the lucky man who survived a crocodile attack, is a native of Orissa. He told reporters that a loud noise from the animal woke him up around 3a.m. (local time).

Croc 1

Image shows the captured crocodile (Source: BBC/Kishore Dash)

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Mr. Madkami said he panicked and called the attention of villagers who gathered, overpowered, and tied the vicious intruder to a tree while negotiating on their next line of action.

Wildlife authorities later arrived and saved the crocodile thanks to the homeowner; it would have served as meat to the large crowd who clamored for jungle justice.

The headman admitted his helpers argued among themselves on what should be the crocodile’s fate before government officials arrived.

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According to the BBC, a group of forest staff who handled the rescue operation wanted to take it back to a nearby dam, Satiguda, where they believe it came from, but the villagers protested with fear that it would return.

Croc 2

Image shows the captured crocodile (Source: BBC/Kishore Dash)

Sushant Nayak, who spoke with the news outlet said: “There are some 30-40 crocodiles in the Satiguda dam. This one had perhaps slipped into the village, which is just a kilometer away from the dam, to lay eggs.”

After considering the dangers of releasing it into a wild forest, a decision was reached to keep it in the Balimela reservoir, which lies about 60 kilometers away from the village.