Man Spends £6,000 For A Monster Penis But Has One Problem.

A married man who took drastic measures to increase his willy at the cost of £6,000 says it’s amazing except, he can’t get his hand around it. He went for an operation to size up his manhood for some reasons.


Image: Man from the moon can now boast of a porno penis.

Leon, as he is known, is a lorry driver who underwent two penis enlargement surgeries and can now beat his chest as a “man from the moon”.

According to a report, the 25-year-old went under the knife twice to add both length and girth to his penis.

Thanks to the successful operations, he now has two inches in length and insists it’s so big that he can’t get his hand around it when erect.

He said: “In my eyes every man wants to be bigger and stronger, if you can have it done have it done.

“Most women don’t need to have boob jobs but they do.

“Bigger is better, every person is like that, when you look at weapons and missiles and things like that.

“I told them I want a monster, they’ve given me a monster.”

The report added that Leon heard about this penis enlargement procedure from his friends and after a quick Google search, he booked in a consultation.

In his words: “I still didn’t believe it until I went down there. At the end of the day you’ve got what you’ve got haven’t you. And if you’ve got £6,000 you can have it bigger.”

He’s so pleased with his new penis that he shares snaps with his mates.

Leon explained: “I had the lengthening and the girth done and the results were brilliant, amazing, I had a very good result out of it and I’m glad I got it done.

“I’ve had a very good result especially on the erection, it’s porno size. I can’t get my hand around it.

“As soon as they had done it I made them unwrap it so I could have a look, I couldn’t wait I was actually quite excited to see the result, when you spend that kind of money you want to know.

“I send my friends Whatsapp pictures, I tell everybody. It’s like getting a new car you want to show it off. You know they want to get it done but won’t say that.”

But Leon, whose story features in a new BBC Three documentary, has stressed he won’t get a third penis primping procedure because he doesn’t want it to look “abnormal”.

He added: “Everyone wants to be one step better and one step faster.

“In a way it’s what’s destroying the planet, well that’s what I think, you know greed. But don’t go and against them, join them, go and get a willy op done.”