Man sacrificed one leg to save a Deaf Woman from Speeding Train

A kindhearted man who worked as an engineer on one of China’s railroads has sacrificed his leg in order to save a hearing-impaired woman.

Despite the agony from his selfless act, the man says he’d do it again even if it means losing his other leg — so far there’s a life to be saved.

A majority of the Chinese populace now see the train driver as a hero, and he truly is one of a kind.

Xu Qiankai, 29, worked on the rail tracks in southwest China until an aged woman disrupted his official duties on Thursday. He was headed to a service depot at Rongchang station, according to a report from Chongqing Evening News.

Although the road has “No Trespassing” signs, Xu explained from his hospital bed that he was shocked to see the elderly woman ahead of his speeding train.

He skillfully pulled the emergency brake and blasted his horn to warn the woman, but she froze instead, apparently startled from the impending danger and not knowing what to do.

Local media reports later confirmed that the 68-year-old woman is hard of hearing.

Xu continued in his statement, explaining that immediately it became clear that she was’t making any attempt to get away from his tracks, he had to make a quick decision which changed his entire life.

He jumped out of the train and ran as fast as he could towards the elderly woman.

Unfortunately, the train driver’s efforts got him in front of the moving train right on time. He saved her, but couldn’t save himself.

Xu explained that he was lucky to have survived being crushed because the locomotive was going for a routine service, and had no other carriages attached to it. For this reason, it moved at a reduced speed. This was the only reason he was able to get ahead of the train.

The good Samaritan lost one leg in the accident but miraculously survived, and heroically saved a life.

“Even though I lost my leg, I saved a life,” he said on his recovery bed after a team of doctors successfully amputated the mangled leg. “If I had to do it again, I would do the same thing.”

The survivor later visited Xu on his sick bed, and knelt before him in gratitude.