Man killed during celebration of Vagina Festival in Nigeria

A middle-aged man has died from stab wounds during a “Celebration of Vagina” festival in Ogun State, a location in the western part of Nigeria.

Local media reports confirm the incident occurred in Omotosho, Okitipupa Local Government Area, during the annual cultural celebrations titled “Obo (vagina) festival”.

The deceased who has been identified as Mr. William Adesoji was murdered at Flasher Hotel located in the state.

According to reports, this bizarre ceremony was initiated in 2013 by an unnamed owner of Flasher Hotel. It has since become a yearly event where people gather to watch or participate in all kinds of immoral acts.

While a few persons attend the event to eat and get drunk, many others are said to be interested in sex orgies – with prizes given to those whose performances are considered as “entertaining”.

In Japan, the celebration of penis and vagina is a culture which has been there for over 1,500 years.

However, it is important to point out that this festival serves different purposes in the country; a successful harvest and increased childbirths.

The penis and vagina festival in Japan is celebrated without orgies or fights. Same culture but differently interpreted in Nigeria.

Reports from Nigeria say the “Obo festival” starts with a mattress placed on the stage where a male customer is selected to engage a prostitute in a marathon sex.

“Both would be rewarded with cash gifts ranging between N5,000 and N10,000, depending on performance,” an insider is quoted.

The participants are treated to drinks, cigarettes or marijuana to get them in the mood for a “shameful act” in public.

Reports say the climax of this event comes with a sex-for-all competition.

Unfortunately, trouble started for the deceased, Mr. William Adesoji, when “the wife of the proprietor asked one of the customers [not William] to stand up from a chair, claiming that she was sitting on it,” the witness revealed.

An argument ensued after he refused to give up his seat as the male and female competitors continued their “fight” on stage.

Why would he stand up for Peter’s sake when the fun just started?

She took it further by slapping the unnamed customer for an alleged disrespect before one of her defenders, William, took the laws into his own hands.

 “Not knowing what had transpired, the deceased rushed to the scene, grabbed a bottle, broke it and dealt it on the head of the customer (name withheld) now in the hospital under police surveillance.

“A friend of the man, who was with her (the proprietor’s wife) also picked up a bottle, broke it and stabbed William in the stomach, bringing out his intestines.

He died on the spot.”

Mr Femi Joseph [Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer] said he’s yet to receive reports on the incident but has promised to speak with the New Telegraph Online as soon as possible.