Man claims Lotto Officials denied him a $5M Jackpot

A man has sued the California State Lottery Commission and a local liquor store for denying him a $5 million lottery jackpot.

The defaulters claimed Ward Thomas of Long Beach had the lotto winnings overruled because it was his teenage son who paid for the scratchers.

On the contrary, Thomas says he was at Los Altos Mobil, a gas retail outlet, when he sent his son to buy the lucky coupons last October.

One of the scratchers turned out a money-spinner, and the man said he validated it at a 7-Eleven in the 1700 block of Palo Verde Avenue around 9:54 p.m. that night.

The following day, he also validated the ticket again at the state’s Lottery District in Santa Ana.

However, the payout office told him two months later that his prize was denied because only adults are allowed to play; and his kid was only 16.

Thomas filed a lawsuit last week against Los Altos Mobil and the California State Lottery Commission, claiming the gas station neither checked to verify the boy’s age nor told him that only adults were allowed to play.

The suit alleges negligence and breach of contract.

In the lawsuit, Thomas claims that on or around Oct. 16 at 8 p.m., he and his 16-year-old son Benjamin were at a store to buy California Lottery tickets, just as they’ve always done in the past.

“Nowhere inside the Mobil store was there any signage informing customers that they had to be 18 years of age in order to obtain California State Lottery Scratchers tickets,” the suit said.

The man insists that he sent his son inside with 12 “Deluxe 7’s” Scratchers valued at $330 in winnings, and instructed him to exchange the tickets for more Scratchers.

Benjamin bought five Scratchers tickets at $20 each and was given the remaining $230 to take home, according to a report from 6

Thomas and his son got home, played the tickets and another “100X The Money” ticket which won a total of $5 million.