Man charged to court for marrying wife and daughter

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged for bigamy after allegedly marrying his wife and their 18-year-old daughter at the same time.

Christopher Buckley, who used the alias Christopher Hauptmann, was unable at time of publication to meet a $3000,000 bail and being held in jail. Picture: Northumberland County Police Department

Christopher Hauptmann, a 44-year-old businessman, was believed to have taken his daughter’s hand in marriage without securing a legal divorce from his 43-year-old wife contrary to what the law stipulates.

Hauptmann is from Shamokin, a township in Northumberland County.

According to a report from Daily Item, the accused is facing four charges which include false identity and ownership of illegal firearms.

Speaking during a court trial earlier this month, Shamokin District Judge John Gembic said, “This is a bizarre case,” after a police prosecutor from Northumberland presented the charges.

Gembic heard that Hauptmann married his newest heartthrob, Kaylee Hauptmann, 18, while he’s still legally married to Shannon Deitrich-Durovik , the young girl’s mother.

Degg Stark, the Northumberland County Detective Degg Stark, said police received a tip-off that a man was using an alias, and had purchased firearms notwithstanding his tainted records.


Hauptmann’s home was searched after police confirmed that he has a criminal conviction and had changed his name to Christopher Buckley.

“Christopher Hauptmann, also using the name Christopher Buckley, was in possession of firearms despite a conviction,” District Attorney Tony Matulewicz said.

Shannon told the court that she wedded Christopher in November 2015 without any knowledge of his criminal past, adding that the same man married her daughter in Florida, who was unaware of any divorce being filed.

Hauptmann’s second marriage was sealed with a marriage certificate which was issued in September, 2016, Matulewicz said in a press release.

“We are still operating,” Kaylee Hauptmann told the Daily Item.

“I will not comment on this case or my mother’s claims.”