Man Bags 2 Years In Jail For Breaking Into A House And Licking Owner’s Butts While She Slept.

A man with some weird sexual appetite has been slapped with 2 years in prison, after he broke into a young couples home and “sensually assaulted” the woman back in February, 2015.

Image: File Photo

The woman was said to be sleeping in a T-shirt and short pyjama shorts at her Potts Point home in Australia when she was woken by Taouk’s tongue on her bums at about 3.30am.

According to reports, the assaulted woman thought it was the boyfriend kneeling behind, but after a few seconds, she moved a bit and realized it was a stranger because she touched her boyfriend sleeping next to her.

She whispered, ‘Someone is there,’ and her boyfriend found Joseph Taouk kneeling by the bed in Sydney.

He said, ‘What the f*ck, who are you?’ Taouk replied, ‘Sorry I thought this was the boarding house. The front door was open.’

The assaulted woman’s boyfriend didn’t take the laws into his hands, he escorted him out – and Taouk was arrested nearby by police.

A search on the suspect revealed he was carrying two Viagra pills and a sex aid.

Taouk was sentenced to two years in prison, according to News. His lawyer said he was suffering from a mental illness at the time.