Make-Up Advice: Save Your Eyes (Face) From Wrinkles.

Is your job keeping you on the computer screen many hours a day? Do you spend your leisure time watching movies? Or has age blessed you with wrinkles on the face especially eyes? Do not worry.

These are simple steps to removing wrinkles from your tired eyes no matter the cause.

Everyone knows that staring on the computer or TV for long hours causes the eyes to strain, itch and in most cases become red, watery or dull; what many others don’t know is how to take care of the eyes at such bad times.

You might need this two things for a start according to beauty professionals: an eye spray and a skin serum concealer.

1: Put the eye spray about 10 cm away from your closed eyes. Spray the liquid twice on each eye. It adds a soothing effect to the dull or red eyes. It can also be worn over a make-up so you don’t need to wash your face before applying it.

2: Apply a small portion of the skin serum concealer below your eyes. Rub it in a circle round your eye socket.

What’s next?

Perfect! The job is already done. Take a look at the mirror and see your eyes giving you the desired smart, lively or romantic eyes.

Other simple ways of delaying wrinkles on the face or around the eyes include: avoiding sun; wearing sunglasses; drinking lots of water; getting adequate sleep; and eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

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