Madonna And Guy Ritchie In Court Today March 3.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna, 2001
Mdonna and Guy Ritchie

It all started with love at first sight, then true romance consumed both lovebirds. As time rolled on, the emotions waned and Madonna confirmed that the experience made her feel like true love never existed.

Finally, the unexpected divorce happened. So was the story of a love once true. Madonna was 42 and Guy was 32 at the time of their marriage. Both met at a dinner party hosted by pop star, Sting and his wife in 1998.

Talented Madonna is undoubtedly one of the greatest singers the world has ever had. She is also an author and actress.

In her previous marriage, Madonna wedded Sean Penn in Malibu, California on August 16, 1985. The marriage survived only four years and ended in divorce on September 14, 1989.

Though Madonna was a divorcee prior to saying “I do” to Guy Ritchie, he never married before.

Madonna calls ex-husband Guy Ritchie a 'c**t' during her Nashville show

She was born and raised a Catholic but now she follows Kabbalah. Madonna is said to be obsessed with yoga and lives on strict diet. Her ex-husband, Ritchie was raised a Protestant.

Guy Ritchie is a movie director and a co-owner of a bar in London called the Punch Bowl.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie

The crack in their marriage came after Madonna was accused of having an affair with Yankee star, Alex Rodriguez – an accusation which she denied vehemently on 6th July, 2008. There was speculation all over the media that both were divorcing but they publicly denied it and professed an unbreakable love for each other. However, the pretense didn’t last long. Madonna and Guy finalized their divorce in January, 2009.

It was indeed, a messy divorce. Anyways, not too bad for Guy as he got a whooping $18 Million to keep his mouth shut and never speak publicly about the marriage or divorce.

Rocco Ritchie under fire for controversial instagram video

Rocco Ritchie is defended by Madonna

Rocco John Ritchie is the only child from the collapsed marriage. He was born 3 weeks prematurely in 2000.

Rocco Ritchie

Prior to the expected court appearance today 3 March, Rocco had been in Madonna’s custody as the teen and his father never bonded together since the divorce. Guy Ritchie is said to be too permissive whereas Madonna is over-protective and controlling. That’s a war of both worlds for their son, Rocco.

The boy has been traveling with Madonna on her Rebel Heart tour for about 3 months. As he got bored while the tour lasted, Rocco decided to live with his dad in the U.K. This has been considered as an act of rebellion.

After he refused to go back to his mom in the US, Madonna appeared in court on Dec. 23 seeking an order that their son returns to NYC to sort out a final agreement where and who he should live with. Apparently, the grown man is enjoying the freedom that comes from having divorced parents. His pot-smoking videos and pictures went online in the recent past.

Rocco thrashed the court order and didn’t travel back to the US. He has been living with his dad until now. The boy has also missed school since last December.

Recently, Madonna went online to show her love for Rocco. This is seen as a ploy to get the teen back into her arms.

The court case is far from being settled and will surely take a long time. There are legal systems of 2 countries – US and UK – to be put into consideration. Lawyers and courts now have a hot iron on their hands.

Let’s watch how it ends.