Louis van Gaal admits he’s not happy with Jose Mourinho

Louis van Gaal met with Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho on Saturday during the team’s Premier League match against Liverpool at Anfield, and the Dutchman, despite an alleged cordial relationship he shared with his Portuguese successor, says there’s no love between them.


Image: Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho at Barcelona

LVG says he’s not happy with the way United leaders handled his exit as manager, and blames Mourinho for exhibiting an overbearing attitude during the transition.

Van Gaal spent two years with the Red Devils. Although he won an FA Cup in 2016, his impact as a manager was not felt soon enough. Mourinho toppled his leadership with a 3-year contract shortly after leaving Chelsea.

Both coaches met at Anfield on Saturday, not by chance or plan, but because LVG was reporting for a Portuguese TV channel during the goalless draw.

Mourinho exchanged pleasantries with his former boss at Barcelona and invited him to share a glass of wine after the game.

However, the former coach at Bayern Munich and Ajax waved off Mou’s antics with criticisms, saying the ex-Real Madrid boss often lets himself ‘get out of control.’

“Remarkable, eh? Mourinho is a sympathetic guy,” he told Ziggo Sport.

“He was like that when he was an assistant as well as an opponent. He only lets himself go in front of media.

“And the way I suspect the change of him taking over Manchester United that led to me being sacked, that’s not very chic.”

 The 66-year-old added that he has good memories of Manchester United and argued that the media lied about his relationships at Old Trafford.

“Whatever the media have written about it does not apply to the staff, the players and the fans,” he noted.

“I have been very well received here. I have always had a good relationship with the staff.”


“[About Mourinho] …the way his transfer as a manager to Manchester United went was not elegant at all, that resulted in my sacking,” Van Gaal was quoted as saying in various newspapers.