Los Angeles is very ‘Sex and the City’ like New York – Nikki Bella



Nikki Bella is considering moving to Los Angeles, as she says too much of her current home reminds her of former fiancé John Cena.

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Image: Nikki Bella

The 35-year-old professional wrestler currently lives in San Diego, but has said that house hunting in the area has become difficult because there’s “a lot” that reminds her of her past relationship with fellow wrestler John.

Nikki and Cena called it quits last year just weeks before their planned wedding date. She now wants to try life outside L.A.

Speaking to the camera in a confessional as part of a promotional clip for the premiere of ‘Total Bellas,’ which is set to air on Sunday 13 January, 2018, she said: “I really love the energy of Los Angeles. It just has this hustle vibe, and I have to go there every week for work, you know, for photo shoots. And I don’t want to say non-moms, because I love my moms, but it has this single life, very ‘Sex and the City’ like New York. And so it’s like, not only am I craving it, but I feel like I need it in my life.”

The star then tells her twin sister Brie Bella about her dilemma of house hunting in San Diego.

She added: “Even when I was looking at houses here, there’s a lot that remind me of my ex, and it’s just …”

And whilst Brie is opposed to the idea of her sister moving away, Nikki seems serious, as she then notes: “I might go look at places already, actually.”

Nikki’s decision to move comes after it was reported earlier this week that she’s moved on from John with ‘Dancing with the Stars’ professional dancer Artem Chigvinstev, whom she danced with when she appeared on the show in 2017.

A source said: “They’ve been spending time together for a long time, but it’s nothing serious right now. They have a strong attraction to each other, but they’re just having fun. They’re both extremely busy with their own careers, so they spend time together when they can.”