Lionel Richie Has Another Career Hope.

The legendary singer Lionel Richie’s who shot to limelight from the defunct soul group The Commodores has revealed his backup career plan.

There’s a talent inside him that has taken many years to mature.

He hopes to be an interior designer though he has made success in his solo career.

The 66-year-old singer believes he could have earned a living with this passion for interior designing if music didn’t work out for him. Now he has an option to add more to his resounding achievement.

Good a thing, he won’t be doing it for the money.

Lionel Richie surely toyed with a few options in his life before he found his miracle with music. He left college to pursue his singing ambition with the support of his father; he also thought of becoming an Episcopal preacher along the line.

He spoke with US Weekly about his love for this hobby. He also revealed this as part of its 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me feature: “If I didn’t spend my career singing, I would have been a landscape architect or interior designer.

“I’m addicted to design magazines. And I’m a collector of fireplaces.”

His funny revelations include: “I joined the Commodores while I was in college. I told my dad I would drop out of school to join a band that would become ’the black Beatles’.

The famous singer spoke about a list of friends that fame has afforded him and one that stood out from the crowd is Nelson Mandela. He recalled, “I took Nelson Mandela shopping in 1990. It was an incredible moment.
His other proud moment came with a confirmation that the 28-year-old Barca superstar Leo Messi was named after him.

Last but not the list, The ‘Say You, Say Me’ singer didn’t forget these secrets: his daughter Nicole Richie calls him L-Train and his grandchildren refer to him as Pop Pop.

“My grandmother was a classical pianist in the middle of the civil rights movement”, he added.

Lionel Richie

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