Life at 70: Pop icon Cher reveals plan for an extravaganza

Cher, at 70, is making a splashy comeback to music even after saying goodbye to fans in many tours. Well, that’s understandable. The pop icon thinks life begins at 70, not at 40 as we thought in error.

Image: Cher

“Someday I will be finished,” she said, but not right now.

Reports confirm that Cher is promoting her “Classic Cher” residency tour. The California-born singer said she found inspiration in her mother, a reason why she won’t give up on music for now.

In her words: “That’s really what I’ve said to myself: ‘Someday, you won’t be able to do this, but you’re able to right now.’ It’s like my mom misses driving. My mom loved driving. She can’t do it anymore.”

The “Queen of invention” who has won it all – Oscar and Grammy – was present at The Late Late Show on Thursday night for a remake of her 1965 hit with late husband Sonny Bono. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace!

Amid the drama and confusion that came from the night’s host James Corden dressing in a leather jacket and wearing a wig that looked like Cher’s, the singer-actress was dumbfounded. It was a huge surprise.

“James, what are you doing?” she asked. “Why are you dressed as Cher?” 

“Well, it’s a Sonny and Cher song and I just thought that I… would be Cher,” he explained, according to “Yeah, but out of the two of us what makes you possibly think that you could be Cher?” she wondered. “I mean… I’m literally Cher.”

Both Cher and James went on to collaborate her hit song “I Got You Bae”, mind the B-word.

It was a wonderful night listening to her re-written song, with lyrics you’ll find interesting.

“They say we’re young and we don’t know/ How to find love without using your phone / Well I don’t know if all that’s true / Cause you swiped me and baby I swiped you “ You won’t believe they also added: “When I text you an eggplant / You’ll send me a nude on Snapchat.”

That’s what you get when a 70-year-old joins the social media craze. What else can you expect? There’s even more coming.

Cher reveals, according to a Billboard report that her residency tour kicks off February 8. She’s planning a powerful extravaganza that’ll feature “both revival performances” and a new take on her long list of classic songs.

The venues have been listed as Monte Carlo’s Park Theater in Las Vegas and The Theater at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland. The following is an excerpt from her latest interview:

Image shows Cher with an enviable figure at 70.

On why her new show is called “Classic Cher”: “Oh, it’s just some bull(expletive) word. It’s because I’m going to try and distill my career and let everybody remember and see who I was, what I did and try not to disappoint people, like I hate it if I go to a concert and they don’t do the songs I want to hear.”


On whether she would perform with a Sonny Bono hologram: “No, a hologram doesn’t work for an arena because it doesn’t bend, so we do a big screen and angle it because it’s mostly him singing. We found all these videos where he’s facing me and I can sing facing him. It works out really well.”


On reviving one of her favorite past performances: “There’s a song that I love that was a hit called ‘After All.’ One time, when I was in Vegas, I did it in this amazing boat. It came out of the mist. … It made the song seem so much more mysterious and poignant and whatever, but few people saw it, so I’m going to bring that back and the costume I wore because the costume is beautiful.”


On emojis, which she frequently uses on Twitter: “For me, they are imperative. Emojis are like hieroglyphs. They really are hieroglyphs. You can use them to create emotion. You can use them to punctuate something. You can use them instead of words. I don’t understand punctuation at all because I’m so dyslexic.”


On Snapchat: “I find it fascinating, but I don’t have time to do everything. I have to have time to do other things. I can’t devote my life to it. Sometimes I go on too long (on Twitter) and think, ‘This is so dumb. You’re a grown-up.'”


On her son, Chaz Bono, playing a hillbilly cannibal on the latest season of “American Horror Story”: “There’s more to come. The more he does, the better he’s going to be, but I think it’s great. I mean, come on. That’s your first thing, and it’s ‘American Horror Story.’ It doesn’t get better that that.”


On the presidential election: “I can’t even bring myself to watch the debates. That’s how emotionally involved I am.”


On the most important political issue: “If the Republicans get the Supreme Court, we can say goodbye to all the strides we’ve made that are important, just for civil liberties. When you see the people he’s surrounded himself with up to now, one can only imagine who he’d pick to lead the country. He doesn’t want to do it. He wants to be the king, but he doesn’t want to do the work.”


On Donald Trump’s comments on Howard Stern’s show: “If someone said that my daughter was a hot piece of (expletive), I would put my fist through his (expletive) face.