Learn Survival Lessons From A Lizard.

This lizard survived getting eaten by a snake - so you should never give up

Survival instincts: Learning from an alligator lizard.

D’you see that snake? It got me shivering in fear but apparently, the unlucky alligator lizard you see in the picture is stronger than you can ever imagine.

This image surfaced on Reddit after being posted by user francoisbaguette who wrote: ‘Alligator lizard fighting back from the belly of a kingsnake.

The unlucky lizard somehow got lucky and later won the fight to live yet another day.

Having a hard time with life? Thinking about a faster way to commit suicide? Just be grateful and thank your stars because you are not this lizard. 

The incredible pictures show this little guy having probably the worst moment of his life. He kept fighting hard and never took ‘defeated’ as a word. Imagine a lizard having the strength and courage to stay alive in the face of an unavoidable death. Aren’t you thinking differently right now?

Believing that nothing is impossible, the endangered reptile fought with everything he had until, miraculously he pokes out his head from the jaws of a massive kingsnake.

The little guy knew he had to fight for every damn second or lose the battle, he remained strong against a towering Goliath, fought with his little strength and probably, prayed. What do you do when it seems all hope is lost? Lose your mind? Or blame it on someone or something?

The picture was snapped by California photographer Bryan Snyder, who told Metro what happened:

Although almost the entire lizard had been swallowed, the wily critter was hanging on with its powerful jaws, refusing to accept the inevitable.

It wore the snake’s head over its own as if it were a hooded sweatshirt, and cracked an eye open to gaze nonchalantly in my direction.

Its attitude seemed to say, ‘no big deal. I can keep this up all day if I have to’.

Lizard escaping a snake. Credit: offthemapbooks.com
He added that after a few minutes, the snake began to withdraw – although he had to rush off and couldn’t stay until the end.

Now would be a good time for every reader to learn a thing about sheer determination. “Quitters never win and winners don’t quit,” there’s a lion inside each and everyone of us waiting to be discovered. We only need to tame or unleash it at the right time.

From within the jaws of defeat, victory is achieved.