Latest news on COVID-19

17:00. Lufthansa has closed down its subsidiary airline Germanwings in order to cope with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

16:55. France has warned that the country has yet to see the worst of the coronavirus outbreak, with 834 deaths in the last 24 hours.

16:00. China and Russia have agreed to close the border between the two countries.

13:34. The Italian and Catalonian MotoGP races, scheduled for May 31 and 7 June respectively, have been postponed due to the coronavirus.

13:01. Running will be prohibited in Parisbetween 10:00 and 19:00, with the mayor of the French capital taking the measure after many citizens did not respect social distance guidelines when they ran day.

11:31. Spain has seen a slight rise in the number of daily deaths in the last 24 hours (743) after four days of consecutive drops.

There are 140,510 positive cases and the death toll is 13,798, while more than 43,000 patients have been discharged and 7,069 have required intensive care.

11:17. Japan has declared a state of emergency with the aim of containing the spread of COVID-19.

10:47. Coronavirus is spreading in Africa with already more than 10,000 people infected across 52 countries and at least 487 dead.

9:54. Russia has surpassed 1,000 infections in one day, with the total tally up to 7,497.

8:59. France has not yet reached its peak despite being among the countries with the most deaths with coronavirus, 8,911, and 98,957 cases counted.

07:35. Donald Trump has offered help in the treatment of United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson who is in intensive care due to COVID-19.

7:00. The USA has suffered over 10,000 deaths, a toll higher than six previous wars.

6:30. There have been more than 73,000 deaths worldwide from the coronavirus pandemic and 1.3 million infected in 183 countries.