Larry King Doubts Wife’s Cheating Scandal, Rejects Clear Evidence From Family And Lawyers.

Larry King disappointed his close associates, family and personal lawyers who advised him against sticking to wife of 19 years Shawn King, after she was exposed to have had a yearlong extra-marital affair with a younger man.

Image: Larry King and Shawn King.

The 82-year-old veteran broadcaster went a bit further with the surprise by granting an interview to Hallmark Chanel without their consent.

There he said: “I’ve been in the business now maybe 60 years and I’ve dealt with rumors long time.

“[I’ve] interviewed people involved with rumors, and rumors are what they are — rumors,” Larry said in a joint interview with Shawn that aired Friday on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family.”

The interview with Hallmark Chanel was booked by Karl Engemann, who’s Shawn’s father-manager.

“And to tell you the truth, I don’t pay any attention to them,” he concluded.

Image: Larry King and Shawn King.

Shawn King, 56, allegedly had “a steamy sexual affair” with the public-speaking guru Richard Greene. There are nude pictures and more evidence from the affair which has been given to Larry after the news broke out.

Insiders who are close to the couple say Larry has been “ignoring and avoiding his trusted team of lawyers, agents and publicists in favor of the advice of Shawn and her father-manager, Karl Engemann, during the brouhaha,” Page Six confirmed.

Larry’s advisers reportedly didn’t know about the Thursday’s appearance on Hallmark’s “Home & Family” until after it was booked by Karl.

Larry talks and thinks one way around his friends and relatives and legal counsel and people who work with him,” said a pal. “Then he goes home and it’s just her and him, undoing all of the sensible stuff that we’ve told him to do.”

His wife added during the interview: “This week I’m the latest pinup girl. You have to develop a shell around yourself and not get hard on the inside.”

Image: Larry King and Shawn King.

The 82-year-old has been married has been married 8 times to 7 different women.