LAND ROVER Owners At War With LAND WIND Drivers In China.

If you know about Ranger Rovers, you may also know about a Chinese version of the Ranger Rover Evoque which they named Land Wind X7. This “copyrights violation” has started a war among car owners in China, and it’s getting more interesting. 

Image: Land Wind X7

The Land Wind X7 looks exactly like an Evoque, and many people will find it hard to differentiate between the two. Of course, not if you look a bit closer. A first sight at the X7’s interior will reveal a huge difference, too.

However, for most people who care less about interiors, a close-to-perfect exterior is all that counts. And X7 got just that.

Like a case of, “join them if you can’t beat them”, Jiang Ling’s Land Wind seem to be having a “bad business romance” with Jaguar’s Land Rover in China as is evident in the growing envy among end product users.

Most people honestly admire Land Rover “machines” but there are many others who rage and burn with envy when the see an owner cruising in those UK-signature luxury cars.

Oops! Watch that.

That’s a war going on.

Ranger Rover owners are described as “proud people” here in China, and Land Wind owners have sworn never to take sh** from those intimidating moneybags.

For this reason, citizens woke up this morning to witness a “clash of the titans”on the road.

The starting price for a brand new Evoque stands at around $68,000 while that of Land Wind X7 is $24,000 so the war among car owners is understandable. You better not laugh in the direction of an X7 owner if you’re driving a Range. 

Looking at the pictures, even a bad driver may be able to figure out who’s wrong. The car owners seem to have considered their egos, forgetting there’s something called “right of way”.

Following a business war that lingered almost a year, Jaguar Land Rover made a public statement in April, saying they will withdraw lawsuits against China’s Jiangling Motors over the automaker’s Landwind X7, which the UK automaker stated it resembles very closely the Range Rover Evoque SUV, In Auto News confirmed.

JLR said in the past that it would take action against Jiangling when the Chinese automaker revealed its similar model at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China last November.

At the Shanghai Show this April, the Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth expressed his criticism once again of Jiangling, but mentioned that JLR cannot prevent the SUV from going on sale.

“I really regret that all of a sudden, copy-and-paste is coming up again. There are no laws, there’s nothing to protect us, so we have to take it as it is.”

Land Wind X7

Can’t afford a Land Rover Evoque? Don’t worry.

A Land Wind X7 is sold at one-third of the price of an Evoque.

Not only that, this Chinese “lookalike model has broad fenders, recessed door panels and a sloping roof, all elements resembling components from the Evoque model”.

Emmmm…One last thing. We know Land Rovers as off-road vehicles, but the Land Wind? Not at all.